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As college students ourselves, we know the importance of classmates connections to academic and social success. Having someone to study with, message when you get stuck, vent your stress to, and motivate you can make all the difference. Plus, sharing the experience with someone just makes it a lot more fun!

However, many times we don't come into our classes knowing anyone and it can be hard to make these connections – especially at larger universities. Instructors may not have the bandwidth to fully support all of their students, and students feel intimidated asking questions due to worrying that our questions are "stupid", feeling nervous speaking up in front of the class, or feeling guilty for taking up time in class or office hours.

To solve this, we have created a platform for our peers to find and form connections with their classmates.

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Discover classmates with similar learning styles, interests, availability, and more!

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New to the university? Or just looking to make a few new friends?

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